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Terms of use

By using  PLAYONTAG you accept knowing and accepting the term of use of the Service provided by PLAYONTAG:

  • PLAYONTAG is a platform to publish information about an exhibition.  Each person or organization is required to be the owner or to have the right or authorization to publish that content.
  • It’s forbidden to publish violent conent, pornografy, discrimiantory or illegal on PLAYONTAG.
  • The user is responsible for all actions made in the account. So, it’s forbidden to share, transfer or sell the account, as well as share the credentials to access to the account.
  • It’s forbidden to use PLAYONTAG resources, including API, Web, URL, and all other elements through any application not provided by PLAYONTAG or in order to achieve purposes other than those intended.
  • The content published on PLAYONTAG is a property of the user account owner. PLAYONTAG won’t use that content with any other purpose than intended and will always inform about the owner of the content.
  • Some of the services in PLAYONTAG are funded by ads, so PLAYONTAG can show the content of the private accounts along with advertisement information.